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Whether it’s beer, wine, whisky, and the list goes on. Our Speakeasy stage, presented by Winterhalter, has you covered. Come and hear from the industry’s best and brightest; check out the newest trends taking over the industry, and learn some new tips and tricks of the trade, to help you better your business.

Monday 10 September

To kick start our show, we have some outstanding brands and guest speakers from Victoria’s very own ‘Gypsy Hub’ headlining their own session on ‘how you can start your own spirit brand!’ Learn from the experts on how to identify the market; follow your passion; branding tips; recipe development; distilling and route to market. Take a look below to meet the speakers and a sneak peek at what you'll be tasting.  

Glassware sponsored by 'Libbey' Spksy Wine / Gin & Tonic – Smoke

What does it take to run a truly successful bar? What turns an everyday bar into an institution? In this panel, we’ll be speaking to 4 leaders of Melbourne hospitality, who have done both these things. Hear about their journeys building bars, that have stood the test of time, and how they continue to innovate and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive industry.

With fine dining establishments dropping the table cloths and prices, but still offering remarkable food, in a more accessible offering, where does this leave the fine dining wine favourites such as Bordeaux or Burgundy? Come listen to industry leaders on the new wave of wines, filling that quality void without the super-premium price point, hear what your list should be.

The wines being tasted are:

- 2017 Wilimee Chardonnay
- 2017 Adele Sangiovese
- 2014 Born & Raised Nebbiolo

Glassware sponsored by ‘Libbey’ Prism Wine

Cocktail competitions have become a huge part of the bar industry. Many bartenders compete in several competitions each year, all with competing brands, often with the chance to win trips or become full time advocates of the brand. In this panel we’ll look at how competitions became so prevalent and whether we think they’re a good thing for the industry, what the common pitfalls are for bartenders (and brands alike!) and how to succeed in them if you do participate or are thinking of starting!

Our gin masterclass is back again! Presented by experts in the field, Nigel from Archie Rose and Stu from Four Pillars. Come and try a mix of premium gin brands, exhibiting at the show! Learn from distillers, what makes a premium gin and why you should have their brand on your drinks list.

Take a look below and find out more about our experts and the companies involved, and see what gin they'll be offering up to taste!

Glassware sponsored by ‘Libbey’ 416ml Magister Wine

Tuesday 11 September

Check it out, here are some super new ways of serving drinks. How? Kegged cocktails and wine on tap of course! Hear from the trendsetters who are paving the way with pre-batched cocktails and unique wine on tap offerings. Learn what this new trend is all about, and how you can benefit from incorporating diverse kegged drinks in your venue, to save money and offer the perfect serve.

Casual dining is on the rise, great quality food at a good value price. Beer is an amazing partner to food and curating a quality beer list is the perfect way to enhance and complement your menu. Join us as we guide you through the steps of offering a high quality selection of beers that match the quality of your food.

Take a look at our speakers below and what beers will be tasted.

Move over lemon, lime and bitters, there’s a new generation of grown-up, non-alcoholic drinks on the market. Driven by a greater focus on wellbeing and thirst for memorable experiences, now the non-drinkers have something more than just fizzy drinks and juices to quench their thirst. Learn from the experts who are producing and making some of the best non-alcoholic drinks in the market and hear how you can capitalise on this evolving drink trend.

Glassware sponsored by 'Libbey' Endessa Beverage

Australia has to be one of the most culinary multi-cultural places in the world, incorporating flavours from all over. Here we debate the best ways to mix and match wines to those ‘impossible choices,’ and how a varied wine list can support your venues food, whatever the style.

The whisky scene; how is it enjoyed, where is it enjoyed? Our drinking trends and distillery growth is an ever-shifting landscape, so come make sense of it with our expert panel assembled by Matt Bailey, the Development Director for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and esteemed guests. We'll enjoy pours of whisky, as we discuss the current state of this incredible spirit in Australia and around the world.

Glassware sponsored by 'Libbey' Bristol Valley Sherry / Port

Wednesday 12 September

Come and learn from the experts and take away marketing tools and skills, with a keen focus on social and digital mediums.

Refreshing drinks served by Seco Sparkling.

Glassware sponsored by 'Libbey' Chivalry Beverage

In a masterclass and presentation around ‘Uniquely Australian’ products, you will be introduced to what makes rural Australian spirits so unique – everything from production methods to the native ingredients used, the sustainable practices, industry challenges and some of the humble distillers behind the brands. This seminar will be hosted by ‘Nip of Courage’ Founder - Kathleen Davies a trade veteran with over 25 years liquor industry experience locally and abroad. Take a look below to see what is being offered up for tasting.

Glassware sponsored by 'Libbey' Bristol Valley Sherry / Port

Join some of Australia's leading expert's in beer as they discuss the biggest trends to hit beer this year. Wild & mixed fermentation, barrel-aging, fruit additions... beer has never been more exciting or more appealing to your customers.

Take a look below at our speakers and what you'll be tasting!

Glassware sponsored by ‘Libbey’ Bristol Valley Red Wine

The Australian wine consumer has finally caught onto the Rosé wine bug. With sales increasing and every winemaker offering new wine styles - now is the time to carefully consider your rosé offering; to maximise your drinks list. Joined by winemakers, distributors and leading wine buyers from the on-premise market; we discuss the styles available, how they’re made, getting the right rosé to your customers and all other things pink. Includes structured tastings of both imported and domestic wines.

The wines we will be tasting are :
- Château de Brigue Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017
- Domaine d’Eole Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé 2017
- Born & Raised Rosé Luminere 2017
- Dirty Black Denim Rosé 2017

Salumi Australia will be providing cured meats to pair with the tasting.

Glassware sponsored by ‘Libbey’ Prism Wine

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