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The top seven brands in the brewing industry for 2018

While independent craft breweries continuing to multiply, the recent acquisition of 4 Pines Brewing and Pirate Life by AB InBev(CUB) demonstrates the appetite of larger companies to tap into the estimated $740 million per annum of the Australian craft beer industry (AFR).  Fine Food Australia looks at the styles, ingredients and practices that will rise […]

What to drink when you’re not drinking

What do you drink when you’re not drinking? Is it the traditional lemon, lime, and bitters, fruit juices, fizzy and sugary soft drinks? Those traditional choices are becoming a thing of the past.


After the success of the inaugural Commercial Drinks Show last year, the country’s largest event dedicated solely to Australia’s $16bn on-premise liquor industry is back with a revamped image.

Interest piece: From farm to vodka bottle

Dirty, aggressive, soapy, smooth — probably not ways you would personally describe vodka, but for groundbreaking Hawaiian company Ocean Vodka, it’s their native tongue. Ocean Vodka, a division of Hawai’i Sea Spirits, is the first deep ocean organic vodka on the planet. To make their products happen, it required reimagining the entire distillation process, from […]

Five Minutes With: Sven Almenning

Sven Almenning is the man to speak to if you’re interested in Australian bar culture.

Five Minutes With: Mikey Enright

Mikey Enright opened up the Barber Shop in York Street, Sydney in 2013 – and the hybrid bar/barber shop has been buzzing ever since! The venue is an eclectic space, featuring vintage decor, traditional barber shop tools and over 450 gins.

The Next Wave of the Craft Beer Revolution

Craft beer is one of the fastest growing liquor segments and is definitely here to stay. At our 2017 show, we discovered the latest style and flavour trends whilst understanding how they best suited and leveraged visitor’s venues. Here are a few craft beers that were available to taste at the 2017 show:   Pale […]

Beer and Food Matching

Great beer and food pairings can provide a definite point of difference to your customers. At the 2017 show, we ran a tasting session that educated visitors about the 3 C’s (compliment, contrast and cleanse) of matching beer and food, and how offering an alternative to wine can enhance your customer experience. Visitors bought their […]

Celebrating the Australian Gin Industry

Australia is now in the second gin craze with the boom of boutique gins. Why has gin suddenly gone nuts in Australia and what is it all about? At the 2017 show, we hosted eight of Australia’s most influential distilleries making headway in Australia and overseas, and gave the opportunity to taste the premium gins that […]

Top of the Drops: Why Sydney Bars are Pouring More Premium Drinks

When Since I Left You (SILY) opened in the Sydney CBD in 2011, owner Nick White envisaged a small bar offering drinks skewed somewhat towards the higher end of the market, yet retaining a “relaxed, approachable, and inclusive” atmosphere for a broad cross-section of discerning drinkers. Six years on, it appears White’s dream now aligns […]

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